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Library Rules

  1. Enter and exit the library through the front doors quietly, being considerate of other students, teachers, and staff.

  2. Return all books, materials, chairs and table to appropriate place in the library before leaving.

  3. When coming to the library individually during a class or study hall students must:

  • Sign in

  • Have a valid pass

  • Stay for the entire period unless pass indicates otherwise

  • Be respectful to all staff, other students, library materials, and property

Book overdue fees are ten cents per day, with a maximum fee of $2.

The library is open from 7:30am-3:30pm on school days.

Students who fail to follow the above rules or any school rules can lose library privileges.

Kevin Leech, Corporation Librarian
812-576-4811, ext. 11942

Pam DeLisle, Library Assistant
812-576-4811, ext. 11972

Parents and students, click the Destiny Library System button and login using you school user name and password to check overdue books and fines.

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